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I don’t know what the ultimate number of mobile apps may be, but there is no end in sight to the stream of innovation. I’ll have much more to say about mHealth apps (a key topic in my new book) soon, but the app I want to comment on today is Resy. The problem Resy aims to solve is getting a reservation at a great restaurant at a great time. There are many great restaurants, but getting a reservation at some can take a month or more. At others, you can get a reservation at 5:00 or 10:00, but not the prime time you want. Resy has partnered with a number of great restaurants in New York to carve out an allocation of prime times, say 7:00, and will offer them for a fee ranging from $10 (Tuesday) to $25 (Saturday) per person. Not exactly cheap, but for people wanting a last minute reservation at a great spot at a great time, perhaps it will be seen as a bargain.

What I like about Resy is that they will be accepting bitcoin payments from customers via their Coinbase wallet. As noted here before, credit cards were not designed for the Internet. The bitcoin infrastructure is just like the Internet. I don’t know the details of Apple’s mobile payment announcements may be, but I am sure they will include bitcoin at some point. Hopefully, the major credit card companies have not made their arrangement with Apple exclusive to them and excluding bitcoin. I’ll bet that Apple is too smart for that. Coinbase is on a roll, and I forsee a major explosion in mobile payment apps with bitcoin. The young developers at the startups think this is a natural thing to do. Me too.