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May 11, 1994 Prototype of ibm.com homepage

The ibm.com homepage was first shown to the senior management group on May 11, 1994. (Back then we were formal and called it by its full URL: http://www.ibm.com; our intranet was (and still is) w3.ibm.com). As far as I know, www.ibm.com was the first case of a Fortune 500 company offering an audio greeting from it’s CEO. I am hoping that someone among the original collaborators can find a copy of the audio file to add to this page. Lou did not know he would be the first CEO podcaster.
There was a grass roots team that worked on ibm.com, with no official department (or budget). The ring leaders were Dave Grossman, David Singer, Dave Bishop, Dave Cheney (the four Dave’s), Jerry Waldbaum, Jane Harper, Mary Keough, Carol Moore (the home page editor), Rich Wall, Nick Trio, Ron Woan, Lori Neumann, Jim Fredericks, and Bill Sweeney. We met at the Lake house at Lake Wallenpaupack in Pennsylvania and covered the walls with flip charts where the initial designs were laid out. Eventually (onced we knew nobody could kill it), the homepage was turned over to a real department with a real budget and it has prospered ever since.
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