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Abstract imageMy speaking engagements focus on healthcare and Internet technology. My new book, Health Attitude: Unraveling and Solving the Complexities of Healthcare, is the platform for my speeches. The book is about the American healthcare system: what is wrong with it, and how to fix it. At a high level I would say the problems are bigger than you might think, but the solutions are more at hand than you might think. I do my best to provide a politically neutral, balanced, and positive view of the future of our healthcare.

My speaking engagements are arranged through Speakers On Healthcare. This is a top notch speaker bureau which can answer any questions you may have, whether related to a speech about healthcare or Internet technology. You can preview my speaker page on their website here. For more information, please contact Jo Cavender: [email protected] or 1.503.345.9164. Following is more information about Health Attitude.

Health Attitude: A new book by Dr. John R. Patrick

It’s not disease, dollars, or doctors standing in the way of safe
and affordable healthcare. A new health attitude for patients, providers,
payers, and policymakers is the solution.

Health Attitude Description

After John R. Patrick’s career at IBM, he took a seat on the board
of a teaching hospital. He was surprised to learn how hospitals and
physicians lagged at adopting information technology, and appalled at the
needless complexity of healthcare delivery processes. Instead of shaking his
head and walking away, Patrick took action.

The result is a revealing look at the cultural, attitudinal,
and technological barriers holding back the United States from achieving a
more affordable, accessible, and effective healthcare system.
sees the inability to share personal healthcare information between
hospitals, specialists, and primary care doctors as a major problem. He
believes increasing collaboration for more effective healthcare is not a technical
problem, it is attitudinal. The reliance of the uninsured on expensive
emergency care instead of preventive care is not limited by healthcare
capabilities, but by the attitude of healthcare policymakers and politicians.

Patrick argues we need new attitudes about healthcare to achieve
true reform. His vision includes a system focused on patients and uses an
accountability oriented, fee-for-value model. Patrick promotes an attitude
that provides incentives for wellness, not sickness.

Text of Back of Book Cover

Despite having the most expensive healthcare in the world, Americans
do not always get better health outcomes than people in other developed
nations. The care we receive is expensive and not always safe.

In Health Attitude, John
R. Patrick focuses his experience and expertise exploring this conundrum. He
arrives at a fascinating conclusion, improving healthcare delivery and
outcomes is not a technological or fiscal problem, it’s a matter of attitude. 

In terms that even newcomers to the healthcare policy debate will
understand, Health Attitude reveals
the key attitude problems in healthcare culture that drastically impact cost
and quality. Patrick does not stop there; he promotes a vision and set of solutions
to help us become healthier and happier with our health and our healthcare

Dr. John R. Patrick holds degrees in electrical engineering, management,
law, and health administration. He has more than four decades of experience
in business and ten years serving on the board of a hospital.

Author Biography

John R. Patrick is President of Attitude LLC and former VP of
Internet Technology at IBM. John was a founding member of the World Wide Web
Consortium at MIT in 1994, a founding member and past chairman of the Global
Internet Project, and a member of the Internet Society and the American College
of Healthcare Executives. He is a Fellow of the IEEE. John has served on a
number of boards including Danbury Hospital from 2003 to 2013. He is currently
a board member at OCLC and a member of the WCHN Biomedical Research Institute
Advisory Council. John is the author of Net
, published by Perseus Publishing. He lives in Danbury,
Connecticut and Palm Coast, Florida with his wife Joanne. His website is at
johnpatrick.com and you can contact him at [email protected].