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WWW5 Keynote by John Patrick (Paris May 7, 1996)

Video Clip from the Keynote

Title: Supercomputer Yawns @ 600,000 hits/hour
Description: John Patrick talks about how one of their new services went online with a new server and in the first hour it just crumbled. So, they assembled a team of people and created a parallel supercomputer webserver with nine nodes.

“They built a TCP router to spray the hits across the nine nodes. They were getting 600,000 hits an hour and the supercomputer was not even breathing hard.” [crowd laughs]

Other video clips are available here on the following subjects:

Title: Conclusion: Who Wins in the 3rd Wave of Computing?
Description: So, in conclusion, the third wave of computer is well underway. There’s still time if you are not really connected. You can get connected. Winners and losers. People want to know, well, who are the winners and losers going to be? And I say, “there don’t have to be any losers. Some winners may win more than others, but everyone can be a winner, because everyone can be connected.”

Title: TCP/IP Will Be Everywhere
Description: TCP/IP is becoming ubiquitous. It will be in our telephones, in our pagers, in our cars, of course, in every computers, in vending machines, yes, perhaps, in our toasters.

Title: What is in the Olympic Web Network?
Description: The results of the Olympics game will be gather by the swatch timing system. It will be collected by 6500 PCs, these PCs will relay the information to 250 LANs in Atlanta. And these LANs will feed the information to 3 mainframe computers which will summarize the information and push it through a T3 to an IBM super computer. The results will be available in almost real time.

Title: Dynamic Web Sells Supercomputers
Description: Patrick jokes about how a dynamic web requires very large computers!

Title: Dynamic Object-based Pages are the Web of the Future
Description: This is the web of the future. Pages will be created dynamically, based on the kind of browser you have and where you are. Every page created on the fly, in the super computer, from objects in a database. What kind of objects? Horizontal rules, table elements, pieces of data,text headings, all the things that go into HTML.

Title: Will We Run Out of Addresses?
Description: Patrick explains why we won’t be running out of addresses anytime soon.

Title: Web Users Round to Zero
Description: What about the people we all work with or for. What do they know about the web? The number of people on the web, as a percentage of the world’s population, also rounds to zero.

Title: Kids Ask Difficult Questions
Description: Very soon, these kids [new hires] will ask us very difficult questions. Will I have a T3 at my desk, or just a T1? Will I have a 45″ display or just a 22″ display? “When I choose to come to work [crowd laughs], what will it be like?”

Title: Kids Ask Difficult Questions, Part II
Description: Are these kids going to ask about our organizational charts? Are they going to ask us what will my title be? Can I go to staff meetings? There going to have these tough questions. If we can’t answer all these questions, these kids are going to say … bye.

Title: Kids versus Adults on the Web
Description: Children who are 15 and below know the web. Adults who are 55 and older know the web. Did you know that senior net (and you must be 55 or older to be on it) is growing by leaps and bounds. What about those in the middle? It’s a different story isn’t it.

Title: Visible Human on the Web
Description: Last year I may have shown you “The Visible Human”. This year I can show you a great deal more of the visible human. Do you know the visible human? Joseph Paul Gernigan was a bank robber, he killed people. Two an a half years ago he was executed in a prison in Texas. He donated his body to science, he was frozen. Frozen, then sliced into 1871 slices, 1mm each. After each slice, a scan was taken. An MRI model was made. He has given back to a society what he could not give when he was living. He has replaced Gray’s Anatomy.