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Markley 2013 Data Center Summit – Boston, MA.

March 7, 2013
The Future of Healthcare and the Internet
By John Patrick
In this session John Patrick shares some insights about the future of healthcare and the Internet. The dawn of the Internet age has changed healthcare forever – diagnoses can happen faster, quality and patient safety can be improved, information is more readily searchable, our healthcare providers can more effectively collaborate on our behalf, and our health records are available with the click of a mouse or a tap on our personal digital device. A few key ways that Internet technology will be having a much larger role in healthcare: Patient Awareness and Home Diagnoses, Process Improvements, Mobile Devices, Analytics, and Medical Records in the Cloud.
One crucial ingredient that all of these advances will need to succeed is a strong, secure and reliable information technology infrastructure. From hospital records to critical and private patient information, the platforms where this information is stored and accessed needs to be there, all-the-time, anytime. Life or death decisions are made using this information – which means it must always be secure, accurate and available. Healthcare cannot have downtime. Technology is helping to advance healthcare beyond what anyone thought possible – but by the same token, healthcare needs strong, secure technologies to continue to successfully expand into the future.

Note: This video is also available to watch on Vimeo.