National Information Infrastructure

April 29, 1996 San Jose California Netcast : “BEYOND THE BARRIERS” Sponsors: National Information Infrastructure Awards, BBN Corporation, and MediaCast (6:00 – 8:00pm PDT; Panel began at 6:45pm)
This discussion covered the Silicon Valley, the Information Highway and the promise of a networked society. Hosted by the U.S. Postal Service and BBN Corporation, it takes place at the San Jose Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California. Attendance in person to the roundtable is limited to 150 people, but thanks to today’s technology, it will also be presented live on the Internet for all to learn from.


Benjamin Carson Student – 8th Grade, Flood Middle School; Staff Member, Plugged In Enterprises George Conrades President and CEO, BBN Corporation Jim Hake Chairman, NII Awards Mitch Radcliffe Editorial Director, Digital Media John Patrick Vice President, Internet Technology, IBM Laura Breeden Former Director, TIIAP Grant Program, US Dept. of Commerce Chip Bayers Executive Producer, HotWired 1995 NII Arts & Entertainment Award Winner

Photos (click on image to enlarge)

IBM VP John Patrick having a good time with the questions.
The panel of distinguished guests
Alan Meckler recaps the history of Internet World
Pasta galore!