John Patrick – Point of View : Papers : Masters of the Wired World

Edited by Anne Leer

published by Financial Times Pitman Publishing
ISBN: 0 273 63559 X,
published December 1998
Provocative and visionary, illuminating and agenda setting: today’s masters of our Wired World speak about their visions of work and life in our Digital Age. Connectivity, killer apps, teleworking, e-commerce, virtuality, the Information Society… We hear these words daily but what do they actually mean for our working lives, our social and civic responsibilities, our industries, and our business practices? Here, for the first time, is what the key players in the Information Age are saying about the defining issues for our business, commercial, working and civic lives in the Global Information Society. Masters of the Wired World gathers together original, thought-provoking short essays by the ‘digerati’ – over 40 of the world’s most important market movers, leading commentators, policy makers and government shapers – who directly influence work, business and life in the Digital Age.


Foreword by the Rt Hon Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Visions of the Wired World – Al Gore, Martin Bangemann, Alvin Toffler, Arthur C Clarke
The Global Information Infrastructure – Denis Gilhooly, Simon Olswang, Brian Kahin, Peter Cochrane
The Market- David Potter, Jim Barksdale, John Patrick, Karel Van Miert
Content – Will Wyatt, David Puttnam, Simon Murison-Bowie, Roberto Minio, Hugh Brett
Technology – David Feeny, Robert Winter, Nathaniel Borenstein, Randall S Hancock
Electronic Commerce – Donald J. Johnston, Lee Stein, Deborah Hurley, Michael R. Nelson
The Networked Economy – Charles Jonscher, Jeffrey Owens, Michael Finley, Mark Radcliffe
Wired Organizations – Peter Mandelson, James Martin, John Daniel, Harald Norvik
Public Services – Edith Cresson, Chris Yapp, Glenn R. Jones
People – Nicholas Negroponte, Charles Handy, Arne Fjørtoft
Afterword by Marjorie Scardino, Chief Executive, Pearson Plc

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