Internet Society’s 1995 International Networking Conference

INET’95 – the 5th Annual Conference of the Internet Society – focuses on worldwide issues of Internet networking. It will be held on 27-30 June 1995 in Hawaii. The goal of this conference is to provide a platform that will bring together those developing and implementing Internet networks, technologies, applications, and policies worldwide for infrastructure development. The theme of INET’95 is “The Internet: Towards Global Information Infrastructure.” Since 1991, The INET conferences have become a common meeting ground for participants interested in the design, implementation, operation and use of the Internet. INET’94 in Prague brought together more than 1,200 people from 104 different countries – many of the key people throughout the world who are making Internet infrastructure happen. For INET’95, global policy and economic issues, ethical concerns, and many technical issues will be raised in a variety of contexts. The rapid influx of commercial and individual uses on the Internet has influenced the nature of the system and broadened its utility. The importance of the Internet and its technology to all sectors of the global economy is growing as is the social impact of access to the Internet. Internet Society encourages its members and all other interested parties to plan active participation in this conference. INET’95 will be held at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel on Waikiki Beach with some events at the adjoining Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

INET Plenary Session – INET Panel

Thursday, 29 June 1995 8:30-10:30 L2. – Sheraton Waikiki Hotel Chair: David Lassner ([email][email protected][/email])

Keynote Speech

The Evolution and Revolution of the Web by Tim Berners-Lee, W3C ([email][email protected][/email])

INET Panel : Network Security: Do You Know Who’s Breaking in Right Now?

Moderator: Gage, John (Sun) Panelist: Patrick, John (IBM) – [email][email protected][/email] Panelist: Giordano, Rose Ann (DEC) Panelist: Shimomura, Tsutomu (SDSC) Panelist: Cerf, Vint (MCI) Panelist: Best, Reginald (3COM) Abstract: Poll after poll of conference attendees, users, and corporations shows that the primary concern of Internet users world wide is the potential for unauthorized access to their personal or proprietary information. This issue threatens to slow or limit the worldwide adoption of the Internet for commercial use. The lack of security touches all of those who are concerned about copyright, individual privacy, and personal freedom. What progress has been made? Is this a solvable problem? Do Internet users have to sacrifice their open, freewheeling culture in order to provide necessary security for the Net? Does this commercialization work in the current architecture of the Internet? Do we have a choice? These are the questions our moderator will pose to a distinguished group of industry and technology leaders, each of whom has a large stake in the outcome of this debate. This should be a fiery discussion!

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