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The Photo Gallery started out as part of ibm.com in 1995. Having a photo gallery is commonplace today but back in 1995 it was somewhat unique. Sharing pictures with my family, friends and colleagues from around the world has always been rewarding. The original gallery was fairly crude but then Dipen Mehta, of the IBM webAhead team, created a Lotus Domino gallery that was a farily easy to use. Then Dipen moved on and nobody knew how the gallery worked. I searched high and low for a simple way to manage a large group (more than 3,000) of digital pictures. After experimenting with various galleries, the best one turned out to be Gallery. Gallery is a very slick program — free, open source, and loaded with features. The management is all via the web exept for a Java applet for rapid uploading of pictures. The whole process is quite intuitive and easy to use. I think this will be my long term solution as long as they continue to improve it. It took me quite a while to get all the pictures converted but it should be much easier to add new pictures from now on. Thanks for your patience and your feedback during the process. I hope you enjoy the Gallery.

Update Sep. 15, 2013: The old Gallery software has now been replaced with the WordPress NextGen gallery.