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PenguinI have to admit that I have been talking a lot about Linux lately. On February 16 the LinuxWorld Conference was held in Boston and I was fortunate to be a speaker there as I previously discussed. An interview entitled "It’s About Freedom" was published in Linux Executive Report and distributed at the conference. It summarizes my thoughts about Linux pretty well.
ne month later, this past Sunday, the COMMON Conference was held in Chicago and I reiterated some of the same points. The conference was a bit smaller (2,000 vs. 8,000) attendees, but nevertheless an very enthusiastic audience of 1,200 was on hand. COMMON attendees are users of IBM’s iSeries eServers. Most people in the world never heard of "iSeries" but there are hundreds of thousands of them out there serving the needs of small and medium businesses and distributed locations of very large businesses. The Chief Information Officers of companies using the iSeries are passionate about the speed, flexibility, security, and reliability of the systems. IBM attends the COMMON conference but doesn’t need to extol the iSeries virtues because the IBM customers do it for them.
Tomorrow night I will be speaking at the Society for Information Management – Fairfield / Westchester branch in Stamford, Connecticut.

From iSeries “News Wire Daily”…
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"Linux is not about "free" — it’s about freedom. There will be a lot of studies coming out saying Windows is cheaper or Linux is cheaper. I don’t know which is cheaper, but I know which is better. … Ultimately, Linux is going to be the most secure."— John Patrick, COMMON keynote speaker