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Film Reels
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The origin of the word Peggybank is peg as in mpeg or jpeg, the format for compressed movies and pictures. Most of us that have been around for more than a few decades have 8mm films, VHS video tapes, 35mm slides, boxes of photographs, baseball cards, ham radio QSL cards, etc. in our desks or closets.  Do you throw them away? Hard to do. Do you convert them to digital yourself? Even harder to do! A new alternative is to load up a box of all your media and send it to Peggybank in Omaha, Nebraska.  In a couple of weeks they will send you a link to all your digital content. You can download it and burn DVDs or let them host it in their vault (cloud service) for a modest annual fee. That is what I chose to do. You can visit my initial collection here.  The Peggybank vault  includes movies of our kids when they were very small, speeches I gave about the Future of the Internet nearly twenty years ago, and slides of my brothers and I from the fifties. I plan to edit the captions and get the content better organized, but I did not want to wait to make all this available to family. This 10-60 year-old content will be precious to our grandchildren’s grandchildren someday!
The other content addition to patrickWeb is a new idea designed by Jim, my Toronto, Canada colleague. The new page contains a graphical menu of my favorite collections of posts, pages, and links which, if read in their entirety, could be considered stories about the topic.  They include personal endeavors, threads you can follow about business and person travels, technical groupings of content, and other assorted content. Please feel free to give me any feedback you may have about this new page.