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The future is… Linux televisions

The future is… Linux televisions February 20, 2004 — 14:55 GMT (06:55 PST) Summary: Opera board member John Patrick explains why Microsoft’s domination of the browser market won’t last forever and how Linux will continue to evolve By Munir Kotadia | ZDNet UK Topic: Networking John Patrick spent 35 years at IBM and was one […]

Linux In School – Part 2

It was privilege once again to be able to speak to students at the IT Leadership Academy program at Naugatuck Valley Community College. A show of hands indicated that about 20% of the students had some familiarity with Linux. Michael Mino, the program director, had provided a laptop with Red Hat Linux to each of […]

Linux In School

Two IBM colleagues, John Boutross and Craig Fellenstein, are helping out as volunteers in a program called the IT Leadership Academy. The program is sponsored by the Governor of Connecticut and is designed to bring 180 public High School students together to work on IT related projects during the school year. The participating high schools […]

Linux on the Desktop – Part 1

The introduction of the new version of Microsoft Office has me thinking a lot about Linux for my desktop. Microsoft has performed many technical fetes in their software. Many of the features in Windows XP and Office are impressive and many are even intuitive and easy to use. However, many features are not intuitive or […]

The Future History of Linux

It goes without saying that something really big is happening with Linux. It strikes me there are some parallels to what is happening. One is what happened with PC in the early 1980’s and the other is what happened with tcp/ip during the middle 1990’s. Don Estridge at IBM made a very important decision during […]