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Telehealth is picking up a huge head of steam. Like iTunes, Amazon, Uber, airBnB and many other disruptors, telehealth for eye exams is getting resistance from the status quo. A telemedicine startup Opternative now offers a quick, inexpensive alternative to traditional optical exams using your computer and smartphone. After a 25-minute online exam, an ophthalmologist will approve the results and issue a prescription for a cost of $40. No doctor visit is required. No doubt, there are situations which will require an in person visit, but many, perhaps most, situations can be handled online just fine. Politicians are being barraged by taxi commissions, hotel chains, tax authorities, and now optometrists to legislate preserving the status quo. There will be fits and starts, but Telehealth is here to stay. See the full story at Optometrists Push For State Laws Blocking Online Eye Exams