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Books I got “Kindlized” in March 2008. Two years later I got “nooked”. The “e-book” idea — replacing the paper book with something electronic — has been around for three decades but it is really taking hold now. Over the years there have been various “e-book readers” introduced and now we are seeing a flood of them. The nook is an excellent product but I put in on eBay last week. I suspect that if I had the nook two years ago and then the Kindle came along that I would stick with the nook.

The two products are very similar but also different. The nook is a more attractive product but the Kindle is a little bit lighter. The nook has more functionality but the Kindle is a bit more intuitive. The nook has a very nice color screen which is used to display book covers and to provide navigable menus. The Kindle does not have that. A very nice feature of the nook is that you can “lend” a copy of a book you have read to a friend. The friend has two weeks to read it or they may decide to buy their own copy. The nook is also quite nice if you are a visitor to  Barnes & Noble stores. While there you get free WiFi access and some free reading material too.

The auction currently has 32 people following it. There have been twelve bids with the high bid at $152.50. With the sporty Jack Spade case I suspect it will bring at least $250. The auction ends on Monday evening. Whatever the final proceeds are, they will be tripled and sent to Americares for Haiti.