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I am having a tough time with my knee; haven’t been able to run since May a year ago. The surgery in July was going to fix things and I would be running again in six weeks — ha. I won’t bore my readers with the details of all the doctor visits, tests, and treatments. One thing for sure is that this week didn’t help things. It wasn’t a record week — I am used to tough travel but it was a contender. (the all time winner for a tough trip was a 31 hour jaunt to Shanghai). I started out very early Monday morning by going to New York’s LaGuardia Airport for a flight to Nashville. Looked a really neat city. Have to go back and visit longer sometime. I spent some time with the ceo at Caterpillar Finance talking with them about “The Future of the Internet”. After lunch I went back to the airport and flew to Washington’s Dulles Airport and then got a ride to Bethesda, Maryland. After a short night I gave a talk at the Dependable Systems & Networks conference. From there to Tyson’s Corner, Virginia to visit with the Department of Defense and give a keynote at their CIO conference. After lunch it was on to Washington National airport for a flight to Phoenix, Arizona. It is about a half hour ride from the airport to Scottsdale where I had dinner with some folks from IBM and from American Express Corporation. After the morning meeting and a quick bite for lunch it was back to Phoenix airport for a flight back to Washington. After a really short night I attended the first meeting of the Center for Strategic & International Studies working group on authentication. Then it was back to Washington National to catch the shuttle to New York and a ride home to Connecticut. What a week. No wonder my knee hurts.