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It’s All About Attitude

Thanks for the positive feedback about the changes at johnpatrick.com. Changes and improvements will be continuing. The overall marketing strategy from now on will be to focus on the “It’s All About Attitude” book series and my blog. I have just selected a narrator to create an Audible version of Reflection Attitude. As the flagship of the series, Reflection Attitude will be available in Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover, and Audible. The blog has more than 2,000 articles. Please take a look at the new site if you have not already. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. 


Some more words from the Great Communicator. Here is one of his profound statements from this week:

“Today the Kremlin is saying that they demanded security guarantees from Ukraine. We should think for a moment about their statements.

Two hundred fifty two days ago Russia demanded security guarantees from the United States of America. After eight months of Russia’s so-called “special operation,” the Kremlin is demanding security guarantees from Ukraine.

These are really striking changes. This shows both the failure of Russian aggression and how strong you and I are when we remain united. Millions of Ukrainian men and women who fight and work for our freedom. And millions of people around the world who help us resist Russian terror.

Together we will ensure the defeat of the terrorist state and its punishment for terror. And we guarantee that all of Ukraine is and will be free.

Eternal glory to all our heroes! Eternal memory to all those who gave their lives for Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!


SpaceX is dominating the global launch services market with half of all launches last year (31 of 62), and has completed more than 50 missions in 2022. This unprecedented launch cadence of every 6 days or so would not be possible without rocket reusability. SpaceX did not come up with the idea of reusability but has seemingly mastered it with its workhorse Falcon 9, having recovered first stages 152 times (79 consecutive) as of this writing. The current fleet leader has supported 14 missions with “no practical limit” to how many times a first stage can be reused.

Other players in the industry understand how rocket reusability is key to rapid, low cost access to space, and are developing vehicles intended to be partially or fully reusable. Rocket Lab’s Electron small satellite launcher has completed 28 missions, and its first stage has recently been modified for capture by helicopter after launch and separation. Their next generation rocket, Neutron, will have the capability to return the first stage to its launch site under its own propulsive power similar to Falcon 9. Also, Relativity Space has the world’s first 100% 3-D printed rocket under development, which will be fully reusable, and SpaceX is developing a super heavy rocket called Starship, which is designed to be launched, recovered, and relaunched multiple times a day.

 – Aaron J Patrick


The big news this week in crypto is Coinbase. The company announced a third-quarter net revenue of $576 million, down 28% compared to the previous quarter. Transaction revenue fell 44% to $366 million, driven by lower trading volume. Most investors believe Coinbase will survive the crypto winter and play a key strategic role. The stock close the week up 6%. There is competition appearing and that is good news. Fidelity Investments is rolling out Fidelity Crypto, commission-free trading on bitcoin and ether for retail investors. FTX ceo said he might want to acquire Coinbase. I continue to believe the future for Coinbase is bright.

Wall Street

Stocks were up and down. Rate fears still everywhere. GAMMAT now down to $7 trillion. Tesla under pressure. Some investors worried Musk will spend too much time on Twitter. I predict he will make very good changes to the company and make it successful.