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It’s All About Attitude

johnpatrick.com is continuing the revamp. It is now the home of the “It’s All About Attitude” book series and my blog. The new addition is a hardcover version of Reflection Attitude . Feedback on the quality of the cover is very positive. A great fit for your coffee table! The blog has more than 2,000 articles. Please take a look at the new site and let me know what you think. Thanks to all who have given me some feedback.


Some more words from the Great Communicator. This is what he said on Friday. “

held several meetings with the military – regarding the current situation on the frontline, our active actions. Today the enemy reports about the alleged completion of their mobilization… About the alleged needlessness of new waves of sending Russian citizens to the front. We feel completely different on the frontline.

Although Russia is trying to increase the pressure on our positions by using mobilized people, they are so poorly prepared and equipped, so ruthlessly used by the command that it allows us to suggest that Russia may soon need a new wave of sending people to war.

We are preparing for this – we are preparing for the fact that the current Russian leadership will look for any new opportunities to continue the war. In particular thanks to its accomplices in Iran.

 That is why we are working with our partners every day to strengthen our air defense, our other defense capabilities. Glory to all who help us fight for freedom! We will definitely return the Ukrainian flag to all parts of Ukraine!


Dogecoin crypto has soared over enthusiasm for Elon Musk acquiring Twitter. The hope is Dogecoin will become more widely adopted. It is certainly possible. Tesla already accepts Dogecoin for purchase of selected clothing and accessories in the Tesla online shop. Shiba Inu is tagging along with a nice increase. I don’t see any real use for it but I presume the hope is that if Dogecoin becomes more widely used, so will Shiba Ina. Not so sure on that one. Bitcoin continues to be 40% of the total market cap of all 21,555 crypto currencies. The total of all crypto has made it back up to one trillion dollars. Most people involved in crypto are hoping for a regulatory framework to emerge from our political leaders. I am not holding my breath. 

Wall Street

Stocks were broadly higher. Most everything was up except Amazon. They are seeing some softness. Not surprising and, in my opinion, not relevant to the long term potential of Amazon. Meta (Facebook) at $99 is at 1/3 of its 52-week high. The NASDAQ has to rise 5,000 points to get to its 52-week high. Twitter has $5 billion in advertising. Very small market share. Musk’s vision is to keep it no more than 50% of revenue but that still means advertising at Twitter will need to more than double. I expect to see some unexpected innovation unleashed by Musk. I don’t know what, but it will be impressive.