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It’s All About Attitude

johnpatrick.com is continuing a major revamp. It is now the home of the “It’s All About Attitude” book series and my blog. The blog has more than 2,000 articles. Please take a look at the new site and let me know what you think. Thanks to all who have given me some feedback.


Some more words from the Great Communicator. This is what he said on Friday. “

We must speak frankly – there are still enough figures in Europe who call for “understanding” Russia and try to ignore the terrorist policy of states like Iran. There are such people in various spheres – in politics, business, in NGOs and in the media. Why is this possible? What leads to this?

One answer: lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge in the public majority.

I said this during an address to the participants of the Frankfurt Book Fair. And I also invited publishers and authors, businessmen and public figures, educators and journalists to Ukraine! To take a look at what our people are going through. What we have already managed to achieve. What threats we still face. To take a look and tell about it. To tell about it, because it threatens the other nations of Europe as well. As long as terrorist states still exist.”


Since November 2000, there has been a continuous human presence in low Earth orbit aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Over these nearly 22 years, the research laboratory has grown from just two modules, to almost two dozen modules filled with experiments and equipment, and solar panels covering an area larger than a football field. There have been countless experiments and studies done to better life on Earth as well as prepare for future destinations such as the moon and Mars. It is currently home to 11 humans as part of three international crews; 5 Americans, 3 Russians, one European, and one Japanese. Truly an international partnership, space operations have largely avoided politics despite all the terrible things happening on the ground.

There have been 67 operational crews staying between 3 and 6 months, some up to a year consisting of at least one American (astronaut) and one Russian (cosmonaut). This past week, command of the station passed from a Russian to a European, who also happens to be the first female European commander of ISS. During the ceremony they exchanged hugs and well wishes. Astronauts don’t see borders from space. They train together for years, and everyone supporting them on the ground are committed to science and exploration for the greater good. It is encouraging to see this cooperation continue with the launch this week of a Russian cosmonaut on a SpaceX rocket, and the next crew, which will launch in 2023 with an American astronaut on a Russian Soyuz rocket.

– Aaron J. Patrick  
  [email protected]


The price of Bitcoin seems stuck at $19,000. I wish it was higher, but the good thing is the reduced volatility may make Bitcoin a more legitimate asset class. Bitcoin’s volatility is now lower than both the Nasdaq and S&P 500. Venture capitalists continue to invest in cryptocurrency. The year-to-date venture capital investment in the crypto and blockchain industries stands at $17.9 billion.

Wall Street

Stocks were broadly higher. The GAMMAT stocks gained $400 billion since last Friday, and are $7.8 trillion. Hopefully the rally will continue next week but it may not. Initial earnings look good. Interest rates not certain. Tesla had a fantastic quarter but investors are worried Musk may have to sell $10 billion of his TSLA stock to close the Twitter deal. An analyst called Musk’s $44 billion deal for Twitter a “train wreck.” I think he is way overpaying but I don’t underestimate what he may have up his sleeve.