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Travel Interruption

I will be traveling this afternoon and not able to update the GAMMAT stocks page. Other sections of the News will also be limited. Next week I will be out of the country and hoping not to get stranded at London Heathrow on the way to Copenhagen. I will be back mid-August. I may not have bandwidth for any posts over the next few weeks. Have a nice summer.


Telegram now has more than half a billion active users. To make its journalism more accessible to readers around the world, The New York Times has launched a new, dedicated channel on Telegram. The new Telegram channel delivers reporting on the war from its continuous live blog where Times journalists are providing witness accounts, interviews and breaking news from the conflict. Subscribe on Telegram at  https://t.me/nytimes and join the @nytimes channel.

fyi, change.org has a petition to kick Russia out of the United Nations. If you agree with that, click here to sign the petition as I did. More than 49,000 have signed so far.

Reflection Attitude

Reflection Attitude is getting close. I am working the final edit and will be submitting a final draft to ebookpbook for them to make the first draft of a manuscript. The next steps will be:

Ebookpbook returns manuscript with one-up pages
I create an index using TExtract software
Return to ebookpbook for conversion to two-up paged manuscript
Adjust spine thickness of book cover to fit the actual final page count
Complete Kindle Direct Publishing steps, setting pricing, develop marketing material
Submit final manuscript to Amazon for Print and Kindle publishing

Could publish in late August but may slip to September. Stay tuned.