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A posting on Telegram says almost every day, the Bureau of Investigation reveals new cases of the burning of Russian passports by citizens residing in Ukraine. Men and women, people of various professions and all ages are expressing their protest against the war.

A 64-year-old Russian citizen who has lived in the Lviv region since 1998, said, “In the 14 years that I have lived in Ukraine, I have not experienced any oppression from Ukrainians. I do not want to be a citizen of the country that arranged genocide against the Ukrainian people, so I am destroying my passport. Glory to Ukraine!

The number of people wishing to renounce Russian citizenship and obtain a Ukrainian passport is also growing.



NASA’s Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, has exceeded everyone’s expectations for what this tiny vehicle is capable of doing. Originally designed for up to 90 seconds of flight over 5 flights, it has made 28 flights as of the end of April, with a total flying time of nearly one hour, covering over 4 miles of ground as high as 39 feet in altitude and as fast as 12.3 MPH. Its main mission was to demonstrate the first powered, controlled flight on another planetary body. Having swiftly accomplished that goal it received a new mission as a scout for the Perseverance rover’s science targets. Now in its second year of operation, it is nearing Martian winter, and daily sunlight levels are diminishing. The Ingenuity operations team never expected the copter to last this long but have adapted their approach to power management, letting it shut down each night when overnight temperatures drop below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and wake up and reset itself each morning. All of these amazing accomplishments are a testament to the teams that built and operate this incredible machine.

In a recent flight, Ingenuity spotted the backshell and parachute that were discarded during Perseverance’s descent to the surface last February. This imagery is of particular interest to the Mars Sample Return team, who is keen to know how the structure and materials performed during entry. Perseverance, or Percy, is equipped with 43 collection tubes for rock and soil core samples to be left on the surface for return to Earth for analysis in a series of missions starting later this decade. In other Percy news, since February, the rover has had a rock lodged in one of its wheels that has been tagging along for over 5 miles of driving.

– Aaron J. Patrick


Reflection Attitude

Traveling in Canada and upstate NY this week so no progress on Reflection Attitude. I now have six very nice blurbs in hand. I have completed a second full edit and am working on a third based on feedback.

Wall Street

Stocks are trading at even more significant lows. Everything is red. Maybe techs will go down a lot more but there is also a chance for a lot of upside. I don’t think anybody knows. There are too many variables. I remain bullish on tech, large and small. It may be a long wait. Gammat stocks down to $7.9 trillion but still nearly 21% of S&P 500.


Crypto.‌com now has 50 million users.  Crypto market cap hanging in there at $1.2 trillion. Bitcoin is 46.3% of the total. One of the major knocks on crypto has been volatility. It is still an issue. However, BTC has been less volatile in the last 30 days than many stocks. Things are heating up about government regulation. I see this as a good thing.