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Former FDA head, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, believes the U.S. this spring will avoid a “national wave” of infection related to the more contagious omicron BA.2 subvariant. He told CNBC, “I think we’re further into this than we perceive. Gottlieb added he thinks cases are being “dramatically” underreported in some parts of the country, like the Northeast.

The WHO dashboard shows what is going on country by country. Globally, as of  March 24, 2022, there have been 486.8 million confirmed cases of COVID-19. The death toll now exceeds 6.1 million. U.S. deaths have finally slowed down to less than 1,000 per day and are now at 972.8 thousand. Global vaccinations are at 11 billion doses administered.


SpaceX continues on a roll. In a bit more than three years, it launched a dozen Falcon 9 rockets. In fewer than three months, it launched and landed another dozen Falcon 9 rockets. NASA has ordered six additional ISS resupply missions from SpaceX. SpaceX Dragon will continue to deliver critical cargo and supplies to and from the orbiting lab through 2026.

Reflection Attitude

Some progress on Reflection Attitude this week. A new story for the Communications chapter. Some editing.

Wall Street

The market is fixated on the Fed. The ten-year has doubled. Tech is paying the price. The six GAMMAT stocks were all down but still worth $10 trillion. The other techs were all down. I remain bullish on tech, large and small.


Crypto was volatile as usual. Cathie Wood told CNBC, “We think bitcoin has just begun.” Wood said in an interview on CNBC. Institutions are just starting to catch up to individuals in using bitcoin, she said and she still believes Bitcoin will reach $1 million. Wood called the world’s biggest digital currency a hedge against inflation. I like Cathie and agree with her predictions. She has a really smart bunch of young analysts focused on 16 different areas, one of which is crypto.