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Press articles continue to beat up on Internet voting. They say the only way we can have accurate elections is with paper ballots. Paper elections are so accurate in Iowa they flip a coin to break ties. In Nevada they use cards. Meanwhile millions of people don’t vote because they can’t get to the polls.

Data Facts of the Week

If you like to follow what is going on in the world statistically, take a look at worldometers.info. As of Thursday morning, the site showed year-to-date deaths from Coronavirus at 2,814 and from seasonal flu at 76,441. The reason for so much fear and market reaction to coronavirus is because there is so much we don’t know about it, namely exactly how it spreads and how quickly.

Axios reported not only are pundits and policymakers concerned about tech headed toward out of control, but also the general population has concerns. A new survey shows 61% think tech is changing too fast, 66% worry technology is making it impossible to know what information is real or fake, and 61% think government think does not understand tech well enough to regulate it. 


As of mid-morning Friday, Tesla market capitalization has dropped by more than $40 billion. The five giant tech company market caps plunged by more than a half-trillion dollars. All five companies are global, but to put their massive valuation into perspective, it still represents 18% of the market cap of the U.S. S&P 500. Shareholders are not happy and government regulators and politicians are gearing up for new regulations. The pressure on big tech will continue to mount.

MAGFA Market Cap (02/28/20)
Microsoft      $1.210 Trillion
Apple      $1.180 Trillion
Google      $0.890 Trillion
Facebook       $0.540 Trillion
Amazon      $0.924 Trillion
Total      $4.744 Trillion
S&P 500 1/31/20      $26.720 Trillion
MAGFA        18%  



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June 11, 2020

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February 6, 2020

Tech Talk 9 with John Patrick

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