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The WHO has a dashboard which shows what is going on country by country. Globally, as of  December 3, 2021, there have been 263,563,622 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 5,232,562 deaths, reported to WHO. A total of 7,859,585,168 vaccine doses have been administered. Barely a week after scientists in Botswana and South Africa alerted the world to a fast-spreading new SARS-CoV-2 variant now known as Omicron, researchers worldwide are racing to understand the threat, now confirmed in more than 20 countries. Everybody wants instant answers but it will take weeks to get a more complete picture, and to gain an understanding of its transmissibility and severity, as well as its potential to evade vaccines and cause reinfections. Early indications are vaccinations work. The biggest problem is not Omicron, it is the 20-30% of the population who refuse to get vaccinated. It is unfair to all of us and especially to our healthcare providers.


On Tuesday (Nov. 23), NASA launched the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. This first planetary defense mission for the space agency is bold. The DART spacecraft will travel to a pair of near-Earth asteroids and crash itself into the smaller object to see if it can kinetically alter the rock’s orbit. If the course of the asteroid is not altered, we could have some big problems down the road.  

Wall Street

Some early gains on Wall Street turned into a rout of technology stocks. GAMMAT stocks are still above $10 trillion. All the stocks on the GAMMAT and the tech list I have been reporting on are in the red. I attribute it to data divergences. Omicron is bad but the cases have been mild. Unemployment % is down but jobs are up compared to a year ago. Wall St likes trends to be simple and clear. I doubt if they will be for months ahead. 


Still no flippening of Ethereal over Bitcoin. Crypto overall at $2.5 trillion. I remain bullish. Bitcoin holders are donating appreciated BTC through Donor Advised Funds and new companies like thegivingblock.com