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SpaceX is getting to send cargo to the ISS with its Falcon 9 rocket. Boeing troubles getting worse. Its Starliner has had serious engineering problems. Could be months to resolve. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, also CEO of Tesla said this week Tesla will have a humanoid robot ready to show off next year. Meanwhile, Boston Dynamics continues to do amazing things with its robots. Take a look at how its bipedal Atlas robot flips and vaults.


Wall Street

The MAGFA stocks were mostly flat again, although Microsoft had a nice gain. Tesla, Uber, and Zoom each down about 5% due to external factors. Not worried about any of them. Robinhood fell again but still well above IPO price. Remains to be seen if it will be a meme. I do not think so. 


Crypto had another big boost this week, up 4% overall. The continued addition of new crypto currencies shows increased interest in crypto. People are putting money into it. Total market cap of all crypto above $2 trillion, I believe for the first time. Most of the crypto will disappear while Bitcoin and Ethereum get more attention. The SEC is warming up to crypto. BlackRock has almost $400M invested in Bitcoin mining stocks.