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Not much to say this week about space or on the way to space. Boeing continues to have trouble to launch its Starliner to the ISS. 

Wall Street

The MAGFA stocks were mostly flat. Coinbase up a little based on the rise of crypto. Roblox had a nice gain but I believe it will continue to be volatile as investors try to figure out if the platform is just 9-year-olds. I believe they will be successful in attracting older fans. Robinhood fell back but still up nicely from the listing price. Remains to be seen if it will be a meme or a surrogate for the modernization of financial transactions. I find it incredibly easy to use.


Crypto got had another big boost this week Bitcoin up 12%, Ethereum up 14%, and the rest of the 11,000+ cryptos up 19%. Most of the latter will disappear. Many are a joke or fraudulent. AMC theaters announced they will be accepting crypto for movie tickets by yearend. The new SEC head is pushing for regulation, and I think this is a good thing. He taught crypto for three years at MIT, so he knows what is going on.