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Another great week in space and on the way to space. The rover retrieved its first rock sample. It will analyze and store it for a future return to Each. The Mars helicopter made its 11th flight.  Elon Musk tweeted pictures today showing the Starship mounted atop the super booster which eventually will take people to the Moon and Mars. The rocket is 400 feet tall and is the biggest rocket ever made. Boeing continues to have trouble to launch its Starliner to the ISS. Space news will continue to grow in the months and years ahead.

Wall Street

The MAGFA stocks gained 1% but the S&P 500 gained 5% for the month. MAGFA stocks still about 25% of the S&P. Coinbase gained 10% based on the rise of crypto. Robinhood gained 59% after a post going public decline. Remains to be seen if it will be a meme or a surrogate for the modernization of financial transactions. I find it incredibly easy to use.


Crypto got a big boost this week.  on a wild ride. It was a very strong double digit comeback. I continue to believe Bitcoin will lead the way but ethereum has been making very strong gains. Dodgecoin is flat. Dozens of new crypto bring the total to 11,178. Most of them disappear. Many are a joke or fraudulent. The new SEC head is pushing for regulation, and I think this is a good thing. He taught crypto for three years at MIT, so he knows what is going on.