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NASA and China continue to learn enormous amounts about the inside and outside of Mars. The rover is about ready to retrieve some rock samples which, at some point, will be brought back to Earth.  Elon Musk is still ahead in space and is now testing the super booster which eventually will take people to the Moon and Mars. The rocket is 400 feet tall. The Russians docked their spacecraft with the International Space Station. There were no crew aboard the Russian craft but it autonomously fired its thrusters after it had docked. This is not good. It moved the ISS out of position resulting in Boeing having to reschedule its planned Friday launch of a Starliner space craft.

Wall Street

The MAGFA stocks got trimmed back a bit, especially Amazon. I believe there report was spectacular, especially AWS which contributed 54% of the profit. Some analysts determined the online ordering was not quite as strong as pandemic time. Incredibly short term thinkers. Congress and other countries are still after big tech but the companies can easily afford the fines and I would say Congress actually doing anything soon seems unlikely. They can hardly agree on anything let alone something as complex as breaking apart the biggest smartest tech companies in the world. Could take a very long time for action.


Crypto continues on a wild ride. It was a very strong double digit comeback. I continue to believe Bitcoin will lead the way, although ethereum is doing some excellent blockchain work. Robinhood fell from its go public price but they too have big ideas about revolutionizing how money and markets operate. I remain bullish on crypto and DeFi. Banking and finance startups are going to revolutionize how money is moved, sent, received, loaned, insured, etc.