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Fireside Chat About Internet Voting

On Tuesday evening the 14th, Bob Reby, CFP®, Founder and CEO of Reby Advisors, and I will be discussing Internet voting. It will, in part, relate to my book, Election Attitude: How Internet Voting Leads to a Stronger Democracy.  Some of the things Bob and I will discuss include:

  • Voting with paper or via the Internet: Which is more secure, accurate, private, and verifiable
  • How the US can safeguard ballots from hackers and foreign adversaries using blockchain technology
  • Cautionary Case Studies: What went wrong and how mistakes could have been avoided
  • Success Stories: Internet voting in foreign countries and pilot programs in US states.

If you are interested, please register here. You will receive a Zoom invitation in the confirmation email.

As of Friday’s close, market capitalization of all the stocks I have been reporting on had incredible gains, except Boeing which pulled back a bit. Zoom zoomed to a market cap of $78 billion. Royal Caribbean had a 10% rise after acquiring the rest of SilverSea, my favorite cruise line. Tesla gained another 10% and rose to above $1,500 to a market cap of $287 billion and worth more than a bunch of the largest car makers in the world combined (the chart to the left is a week or two old). Tesla may see some headwinds after Rivian raised $2.5 billion in an aggressive plan to beat Tesla and Nikola with the first all-electric pickup truck.

The five giant tech company market caps marched on and gained more than $350 billion after gaining $300 billion the prior week. They now represent 26% of the market cap of the U.S. S&P 500. Mind boggling. Congress is on their trail and hearings will start very soon.

Note: My father gave me the following investment advice many years ago, “Don’t give any, and don’t take any.” Wise man. I am not recommending buying or selling any of the stocks, startups, crypto, or indexes I write about.

MAGFA Market Cap (07/03/20 9:00 AM EDT)
 Market CapLastChange in
S&P 500 5/31/2020$25.240$25.240 
MAGFA/S&P 50024.8%23.4%1.35%
Bitcoin (thousands)$9,112$9,185-$73
 Market CapLastChange in
Royal Caribbean$10.4$9.7$0.7