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“It’s All About Attitude”

Health Attitude was the start this week. My marketing partner, Billy Wright, and I tried an Amazon promotional idea. We set the price at zero, and the books immediately starting “selling”, 241 of them. The theory behind the promotion is it will generate interest, people will tell others about the books, and hopefully write some positive reviews. This remains to be seen. Some new reviews arrived and were 5-star. I still have a few promo codes for a free Audible copy. No signup required. If you are interested, just drop me a note at [email protected]



French President Emmanuel Macron today said dialogue with Russia is out of time. “Now is not the time for dialogue. Russian aggression must be defeated,” Macron emphasized during his speech at the Munich Security Conference. The French president added that in the coming months, the West will increase military aid to Ukraine so that the Armed Forces can carry out a successful counteroffensive.


BTC reach $25,000 today. Some are attributing this to the arrival of the Ordinals Protocol, which enables the creation of Bitcoin NFTs. Up until now, NFTs were exclusive to Ethereum. This is good news for Bitcoin. I remain bullish about NFTs. If you want to refresh you memory about NFTs, here is the article I wrote in June 2022. The NFT boom has corrected but in various markets, NFTs are seeing a half-billion dollars of trades per month. Crypto market cap is up. significantly at $1.12 T with 43% of it Bitcoin.

Wall Street

Of the tech stocks I track plus the GAMMAT stocks, they were all down except Tesla. I think investors figured out the so called “recall” of 300K cars will be handled as an over-the-air software update. A friend of mine has a beautiful electric Mercedes. Today, as he was headed for some errands, the car totally shut down. It took him most of the day to get someone to come pick it up and take it to a dealer. This happened to me once some years ago. I was able to press and hold two buttons on the steering wheel, the car rebooted, and everything was fine. In my opinion, Tesla is well ahead when it comes to software. That I believe is why its stock trades at such a high multiple. All six GAMMAT stocks were flat or down, but still adding up to $7.7 T in mark