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How a digital patient experience can lead to future outcome driven healthcare: thoughts for executive teams

Dr. Al Villarin, Vice President and  Chief Medical Information Officer at Nuvance Health in Danbury, CT, and I are members of the Nuvance Health Digital Patient Experience Executive Committee. What we are doing is identifying the pain points patients experience and develop solutions to make healthcare more accessible and easy to acquire. Dr. Villarin and I believe making a doctor appointment and checking in for a visit should be as easy as buying something from Amazon. One of the other goals is to eliminate the need for faxes. Nuvance is making great progress at developing a positive digital patient experience. We decided to share more broadly what we are doing and describe what we see as the future for healthcare. We collaborated on an article and it was just published by mHealth Journal. The article is here. We are hoping it will be helpful to healthcare leaders across the country.

It’s All About Attitude

Robot Attitude continues to attract interest. The reporting about chatGPT may be a factor. The key to success for the “It’s All About Attitude” book series is 5-star reviews. Health Attitude has a lot of very positive reviews but they are not current. Some new reviews are imminent. I hope readers will post reviews on Amazon for all six books. Don’t be bashful. I still have a few promo codes for a free Audible copy. No signup required. If you are interested, just drop me a note at [email protected]


Ukraine is getting closer to becoming part of the EU. Here is what President Zelensky said Friday….

“This morning in Ukraine, like many others, began with an air raid alert. This day, like many others, was spent in extremely brutal battles at the front. But all the same, this evening we can say that Ukraine is moving towards its goal.

We’ve preserved Ukrainian freedom. We’re protecting the values of Ukraine. And we will achieve the goals of our state. European goals of our state.

Today, there was a lot of confidence in this during the summit. We spoke and are already speaking as members of the European community. And we are working to fix this de jure.

There is an understanding that it is possible to start negotiations on Ukraine’s membership in the European Union this year. The partners also understand that this year, as last year, we have to continuously strengthen the defense support of our country and the pressure on Russia, in particular the sanctions pressure.

We are preparing for greater integration of Ukraine into the internal market of the EU – it means more income for Ukrainian companies, more production and jobs in our country, and more income for state and local budgets.

Thank you to everyone who fights for Ukraine! Thank you to everyone who helps us defend ourselves from the occupier!”


Although taking an impairment charge like Tesla due to the decline in Bitcoin’s price, MicroStrategy CFO Andrew Kang said, “Our corporate strategy and conviction in acquiring, holding, and growing our bitcoin position for the long term remains unchanged”. Forecasts for the price of Bitcoin vary from $1,000,000 to zero. Bitcoin has been relatively stable or rising in 2023. Elon Musk has urged McDonald’s, the fast-food chain, to accept the dogecoin cryptocurrency as payment for its burgers. DOGE is up almost 50% for the year. FTX has caused a lot of questions but crypto overall is unfazed. Crypto market cap is at $1.08 T with 42% of it Bitcoin.

Wall Street

Always nice to see a rally. Tech has been leading the charge. GAMMAT is up to $7.8 T despite calls from Congress to take action against them. Signals from the Fed, inflation, jobs, and other factors are running in to each other. Hard to say if the rally will continue or fall back significantly.