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It’s All About Attitude

Robot Attitude was the best seller this week. The top format was Audible. I guess people to learn about robots while they are driving or exercising. Marketing programs are underway. The key to success for the “It’s All About Attitude” book series is 5-star reviews. Health Attitude has a lot of very positive reviews but they are not current. I hope readers will post reviews on Amazon for all six books. Don’t be bashful. I still have a few promo codes for a free Audible copy. No signup required. If you are interested, just drop me a note at [email protected]


President Zelensky’s diplomacy campaign is working. Here is what he said Friday….

“Today, we withstood another massive missile strike by terrorists. A strike that fully confirms everything we have been talking about with our partners.

This Russian aggression can and should be stopped only with adequate weapons. The terrorist state will not understand anything else. Weapons on the battlefield. Weapons that protect our skies. New sanctions against Russia, i.e. political and economic weapons. And legal weapons – we need to work even harder to establish a tribunal for the crime of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Every Russian missile against our cities, every Iranian drone used by terrorists is an argument why we need more weapons.

Only weapons neutralize terrorists. In particular, we are expanding our tank coalition – there is a corresponding decision of Canada, and I am grateful for it. We already have 12 countries in our tank coalition.

And I am grateful to everyone in the world who is really fighting terror together with us. Who is speeding up the supply of necessary defense equipment to Ukraine and who is willing to increase sanctions pressure on the terrorist state.”


A new issue has evolved in the Bitcoin mining arena, orphaned gas wells. There are 81,000 of them across the country with no owner of record. The opportunity is for Bitcoin miners to come to sites with a mobile computing trailerwith gas-driven electricity generation. The mining would use up whatever gas is left in the well and then the mining company would seal off the well so any residual gas stays underground. The price is the state where the well is would remove any liability for the miner. The miner would be doing something the Congress wants but does not have enough money to seal off the 81,000 wells. Clever idea with Bitcoin, the environment, and the government getting a win win win.


Wall Street

Stocks rose Friday and with a fourth week of nice gains. Economics are looking better to analysts. Tesla has gained more than $75 per share above recent lows. Musk met today with White House officials. He is finally getting the attention he has been seeking. Twitter seems to be going well also. Bitcoin seems to be holding above $23,000. Now a third of November high. Crypto market cap up to $1.06 trillion and GAMMAT stocks up to $7.5 trillion.