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It’s All About Attitude

The narration and quality checks are complete. Robot Attitude is now available in Audible. All six books have updated covers and all are available in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover formats. Four now available in audible including the newest: Reflection Attitude: Past, Current, and Future. The narration was done by Mr. Hal Maas. He has the perfect voice for the attitude books. I still have a few promo codes for a free Audible copy. No signup required. If you are interested, just drop me a note at [email protected]


Russia continues to blow up schools, maternity hospitals, cultural museums, and churches. Putin has appointed the fourth leader of the military. It doesn’t look like this will solve the disorganization on the battleground.


President Zelensky continues his daily meetings with leaders around the world and with his staff. Here is what he said a few days ago…


“We didn’t lose anything. It was taken from us. Ukraine did not lose its sons and daughters – they were taken away by murderers. Ukrainians did not lose their homes – they were destroyed by terrorists. We did not lose our lands – they were invaded by occupiers. The world did not lose peace – Russia destroyed it.”


I continue in my belief in crypto. Bitcoin and Ethereum are showing some strength, but with a long way to get back to their highs. Analysts are all over the map. Coindesk showed a story today titled, “Bitcoin’s ‘Volatility Smile’ Shows Increased Demand for Bullish Exposure”. If that makes sense to you, please clue me in to what it means. Crypto problems abound, but if you dig you can find positive things. Regulation is needed badly but the regulators are waiting for Congress. Congress is not very focused on the issue. Too soon to say what the new chair of the House committee on financial services will do. Something, I hope. I remain bullish. A 7.5% gain during the coming week would put crypto market cap at a $trillion. Bitcoin hanging in there at 40%.

Wall Street

The NASDAQ had the best week since November. Small tech seeing gains. Big tech seeing some also with the GAMMAT stocks back up almost a half-trillion to $7T. Bitcoin approaching $20,000 as I write this. It seems to be following NASDAQ. Tech is laying off a lot of people after starry eyed growth visions and over-hiring. Tech is still the future and the solution to many of the world’s problems.