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From Net Attitude

“All the technology and money on the planet won’t enable you to meet people’s expectations if you don’t have the right attitude….It is an attitude that includes the ability to think globally but act locally, think big but start simple, think outside-in instead of inside-out, be able to accept ‘just enough is good enough,’ engage in ‘trial by fire,’ transform to a model of ‘sense and respond’ instead of the traditional model of ‘plan, build, deliver.’ Net Attitude emanates from the grassroots thinking that was part of the evolution of the Internet itself. It is hard to describe but you will know it when you see it. Young people tend to have it but it is not really an age thing. An increasing number of seniors have it too. The masses of people in the middle layers of large organizations often don’t have it. It is not that there is something wrong with them as people; it is just that the bureaucracies of large organizations have shielded them from the new way of thinking and in some cases Darwinian instincts have caused them to bring up their own shields.”

John R. Patrick, Author of Net Attitude