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I appreciate the feedback that my last story helped clarify GSM and SIM for some readers. The main question I am getting is about what phone I use personally. For most of 2001 and 2002 I used the Kyocera Smartphone with service provided by Verizon. The Smartphone is an excellent phone but the screen is very difficult to read unless you have excellent lighting. I now use a Samsung i330. The 256 color graphic LCD is brilliant and easy to read under any circumstances. I also prefer having the single touchscreen with no lids or hinges. Like the Smartphone it has the Palm OS built in and allows me to keep my address book, calendar, to do list, and numerous documents synchronized with my ThinkPad. Verizon has the best coverage where I live but they don’t support the i330. My new service provider is Sprint PCS. When out of the country I use a Motorola L Series+ GSM phone with service provided by T-Mobile. Someday I will have the “wifi global phone“.