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I have to admit…. I was skeptical but I went ahead and downloaded the BeanMachine. I have to admit… I was really impressed. It couldn’t have been easier. The BeanMachine is really a neat tool for creating Java applets. BeanMachine lets you enrich your web site with multimedia, special effects, smart forms and live data. Best of all, you don’t need to write a single line of Java code. BeanMachine is a visual authoring tool for combining JavaBeans into new applications. You just choose from BeanMachine’s rich palette of reusable beans, set a few properties, and you’re off. Don’t see the bean or part you want on the palette? No problem – you can add virtually any JavaBean or Java class with BeanMachine’s advanced Import Part Wizard. You can even add existing applets!

Here is where you can get your own copy of NetObjects BeanBuilder (formerly called Beanmachine).