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Amtrak Auto Train

Final statistics: Total miles – 2,869, Motorcycle miles – 2,032, States traveled – 11, Days – 16. Day 15 began with a 63 mile motorcycle ride from Palm Coast to Sanford, FL. The Amtrak Auto Train station was very efficient and the staff was friendly. The fifteen cars were boarded by 487 passengers. The 22 vehicle train cars were loaded with 261 vehicles including two motorcycles and one Can-am Spyder from Palm Coast, Florida. Our roomette on the second level of the sleeper car was small but adequate. WiFi bandwidth was horrible. I suspect it was planned to cover 20% or so of passengers, when probably 100% had at least one device connected. The 837 mile trip to Lorton, Virginia went smoothly. While we had dinner in the dining car, the cabin attendant setup the bunk beds in the roomette. The train arrived at 8:30 AM and the Spyder was unloaded at 9:20. I made a strategic travel decision to head north to Harrisburg and then east through Allentown to I-287 up to the Tappan Zee Bridge and then north on I684/84 to Danbury, CT. It would be shorter to go through Washington, over the Delaware Bridge, up the New Jersey Turnpike, and over the George Washington Bridge. However, an hour penalty is a small price to pay to avoid the NJTP and GWB. We got slowed down by two accidents and a thunderstorm. We stopped under an overpass, climbed into our rain gear, and continued at a slower pace. The storm cleared later, but the 380 miles took ten hours. The complete photo album of the trip is on iCloud.

For the balance of June, I will be making a full court press to finish Election Attitude. The new book is about the American election system. It is not about politics per se, but about how we register and how we vote. The election system is in a shambles with voting machines which are archaic, falling apart, and not as secure as you might think. Why can’t we vote on the Internet? The question was the focus of my research. You will be surprised at the reason. Stay tuned.