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ChoirThe IBM IT Analyst Conference earlier this week was interesting and important as is the IBM/Forbes Executive Forum here in New York City today and tomorrow. There is a lot to be said and shared about virtualiization and On Demand. However, the highlight of the week was a reception and dinner at the The Museum of Modern Art. Modern art is a subject I know very little about but I certainly respect the collection of the incredible exhibitions of the best modern works of art in the world. The IT infrastructure behind the art is quite amazing — primarily built on IBM hardware and software. To the visitor it means video panels on the wall that display not only what is happening in the Museum but also the great works themselves. You don’t have to be there to believe it — just visit MoMa.
The second major treat of the day was after dinner entertainment by the The Boys Choir of Harlem. The Academy where they study is not only a place for high quality artistic instruction and performing opportunities, it provides a program designed to help students acquire "fundamental perceptual and conceptual understanding" through traditional subject areas: English, math, science, social studies and foreign language. In addition to classical academic disciplines, students are exposed to music theory, piano, movement and dance. The Academy also offers computer classes, visual arts, health, physical education and lab electives. The unique thing I perceived about the concert was that each of the thirty or so singers was also an individual "performer" with personality and pride. The performance was great but the best part is that the students almost all graduate from high school and go on to college. It was easy to tell that the standing ovation came from the heart.