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3D MomPrinting something about Mom on my LulzBot Taz 5 3-D Printer seemed like a good way to start the 100th Mother’s Day. I enjoy printing various nicknacks, animals or spaceships for grandkids, and household parts not available any longer. Much more important than my hobby is the plethora of things in the world of medicine that can now be printed. It seems every week there is a new breakthrough. Bertalan Meskó reported in 3D Printing Industry about 12 things we can already print.

 Tissues with blood vessels

 Low–Cost Prosthetic Parts


 Tailor-made sensors

 Medical Models


 Heart Valves

 Ear cartilage

 Medical equipment

 Cranium Replacements

 Synthetic skin


Read Bertalan’s story complete with amazing pictures here. Read more about the role of 3-D printing and robots in medicine in Health Attitude.

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