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AT&T Wireless Web site. Pick your password reset hint. Your favorite color was one of the choices. I selected that one and then entered “blue” as the answer. I then got an error message saying the answer had to be a minimum of five characters! So much for red and blue.

You might find this helpful……

Basically, mobile in the U.S. is a big mess. There are now four bands: 850, 900, 1800, 1900. It is hit or miss. Not really random but seems that way. All the providers are competing for our dollars and trying to put towers where they think they can best match their market. Obviously a lot of overlap but not completely. There are many fringe areas. I get coverage from Sprint and AT&T in my kitchen but not in my office. I have not found the phone itself matters much as far as getting signal. The issue is which provider has the most towers in the places that you most need to use them. The 850 band is new — from Cingular and AT&T. There are very few quad band phones on the market. My advice is to pick the provider with best coverage and then pick the best phone that they offer. I was using the Treo 600 for about a year. Good phone. I switched to the new Sony Ericsson P900. It is superior in a number of ways but a touch harder to use. The best part is that it is a GSM phone and works most parts of the world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support the 850 band. That would be the ideal. btw, the Opera browser is great on phones. Not on the Treo yet though. Hope this helps.