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iPhone and Apple WatchIn addition to writing about mHealth in Health Attitude, I have written an article which now appears in the mHealth journal. The mHealth journal is a brand new, open access, peer-reviewed international publication in English, describing new developments and what the editor considers enlightening viewpoints. The current focus of the journal is in the field of using mobile technologies to improve global public health.

Last night at 10 PM, I had a conference call with Dr. Steven Tucker, Editor-in-Chief for  the mHealth journal. The reason for the late night call was that Dr. Tucker is based in Singapore, where it was 10 AM. Dr. Tucker is quite impressive. His medical practice focuses on the prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of breast and prostate cancers. In addition to his sub-specialty practice, Tucker Medical has an extensive wellness-focused General Medicine practice that emphasises individualised data-driven treatment plans based upon each patient’s unique biology as well as lifestyle factors.

Dr. Tucker is a leader in the transformation of healthcare. An alumnus of the FutureMed program at Singularity University, he is actively engaged across a broad range of disciplines including digital and mobile health, wearable technology, genomic and precision medicine, and patient engagement and empowerment. We had a conversation about future technologies and how they are changing healthcare. We share an optimistic view of the future. Read about the technologies I think will have the biggest impact in in Health Attitude.

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