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Medical Research

Every week, I look forward to reading  the newsletter from MedicalAutomation.org. It  publishes an excellent newsletter covering developments in medical research. I am continuously amazed at what I read. There is no doubt in my mind we will see more breakthroughs in the next ten years than we have seen in the last 100 years. The following list from just one of the weekly newsletters will give you an idea of how profound some of the developments underway are. If interested, visit MedicalAutomation.org to read details. The following could have a significant positive impact on our healthcare in the years ahead.

  • New blood sugar monitoring device takes readings through the skin. No blood.
  • Artificial blood vessels
  • Connecting the brain to the immune system
  • A vaccine for lowering blood pressure
  • Self-assembling arteries and veins
  • Nanoparticle drug delivery
  • Transplanting pig hearts into humans
  • Implantable magnesium devices which deliver heat or drugs to a specific site
  • Laboratory grown human tendons

Read more about medical technology in Health Attitude.

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