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Dear Mary,
Congratulations on joining the Quarter Century Club. Only twenty-five more years to go before you enter the Half Century Club! You have a lot to be proud of during your career and I have a lot to thank you for. During that part of our careers that we shared, you were so helpful and positive. Nothing was too hard. You always said yes and then figured out a way to make things happen. There are many examples I could cite, but perhaps the most memorable was http://www.ibm.com/link/patrick.html. After more than ten years, the link is still alive but as you know so well, there were many iterations go get there and you personally made most of them happen.
Remember InterNotes? Google it and you find out that InterNotes are "corporate bonds designed for individual investors". Ten years ago it seemed like such a great idea to use Lotus Notes to build a web site. It actually seemed simple — on the surface. Behind the scenes InterNotes was a cobbled together variation on Notes which was easy for the Notes document creator and nice to the Web visitor but was a nightmare for the person who had to make it work on the server.  This is where you came in. You were one of the best Notes experts in IBM and painstakingly figured out how to make my Website dreams come true. Remember my crazy idea of expanding a “top ten” list to a “top fifty” list?. You made it so easy that it went on to become a “top 1,000” list!
One last thing — sorry for the cardiac experiences I gave you when making last minute changes to speeches. I’ll never forget the look on your face when you learned that I had put a new memory chip in the ThinkPad while I was being introduced to go on stage.
Mary, you are a truly dedicated, committed, and always helpful IBMer. I wish you the very best for continued health and happiness.

Signature of John Patrick

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