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The book was printed last week and should now be shipping to the various distributors and from there to the book retailers. Within three weeks I expect Net Attitude to be generally available. I have been thinking about how I can help the marketing efforts to maximize a successful book launch. The publisher is doing quite a bit to promote the book with the retailers and they are also arranging press interviews for me with radio stations, newspapers, and TV. A couple of early reviews are posted here on this site. Beyond those activities though, I think I can probably do a lot myself through email. My address book has over five thousand names of family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintenances. I don’t want to send anything that would be perceived as “spam” or in any way invade people’s inboxes so I am thinking a lot about how or even if to do this. Seems to me there must be a tactful way that I can inform people that they may appreciate. Any reactions or suggestions on this are more than welcome.