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The Photo Gallery was part of ibm.com from 1995 until 2002 when I merged it with patrickWeb. It has been a great way to share pictures from around the world with my friends and colleagues. The original gallery was fairly crude but then Dipen Mehta, of the IBM webAhead team, made a native Domino gallery. The good news was that it a slick way for me to manage pictures but the bad news is that Dipen moved on, I retired, and nobody knows how it works! I have looked high and low for a simple way to manage my existing pictures and add new ones. One excellent tool I found was Gazo and although, I was pleased with it, I have now found something even better called Gallery. Gallery is really cool. It is free, open source, and loaded with features. The management is all via the web and it is quite intuitive and easy to use. I think this will be my long term solution. Until I get everything converted there are going to be two galleries. Since there are nearly 3,000 pictures, this is going to take awhile. Thanks for your patience and your feedback.

Update Sep. 15, 2013 : Gallery has now been replaced by the WordPress NextGen Gallery