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Newspaper and CoffeeI got an email from the New York Times this morning saying “Limited time only: Save 50% on home delivery + more”. The obvious reflection is who has limited time? Me or the New York Times? Time is on the side of the reader or subscriber. While the publishers thrash around trying to figure out how to preserve their former revenue streams, consumers can enjoy the many choices of web sites, blogs, RSS feeds, tweets, and iPad apps to get the news they want, when they want it, and in the format they want to read. A major milestone in my reading history happened last week. I started reading Business Week in 1967 and have read it faithfully every Friday for the last 44 years. My subscription ran out in February and for some reason I was not contacted to renew it. I signed up for the new iPad Business Week app and read it instead. I will never have another print version. Too bad in a way but the iPad version is so much easier to read, to browse, to enjoy. The New York Times, on the other hand, is not easy and enjoyable to read on the iPad. They don’t have the right model yet. For general news I find news.google.com to be the best overall and when reading news on the iPad I use Pulp. Pulp lets me organize the news the way I want to read it, not the way the New York Times wants me to read it. The bottom line: the New York Times has limited time.