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CactusThe traffic on the way to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania today was horrible. Makes you want a helicopter — too bad they are unaffordable. The Lehigh University Engineering Advisory Board had a nice reception and dinner. Tomorrow we spend the day focusing on university programs to integrate engineering and business curricula. After dinner I did some benchmarking.
The first mark was just down the lawn in front of the university center (the UC as we used to call it). I had seen the flagpole many times back in the 1960’s when I was a student there but never knew there was a benchmark in the stone wall around the flagpole. The pole used to be wood and is now steel but the foundation is the same and has been there since 1935 (ten years before I was born).
The second mark was at a train station just north of the river. The benchmark disk was inside the entrance doors to the station which is now a restaurant. It was placed there in 1932.
The oldest mark I have ever found was next. It was at a beautiful church. The mark was the spire at the top of the steeple — placed there in 1885. The church would have been easy to find in the daytime but late at night in the rain it was more difficult.
I am very fortunate to be spending the night at the Sayre Mansion.