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I knew it had to be something good when I read the caption on the user registration card which said “Top 5 Things NOT to do with your RCX”. They were….
5. Don’t give your RCX your credit card number, it will just order more friends.
4. Don’t take your RCX to scary movies. Especially ones involving vacuum cleaners.
3. Don’t get into debates with our RCX about artificial intelligence not being as good as real intelligence. You won’t win.
2. Don’t let your RCX go on tour with an Irish Step Dancing troupe. Things could get ugly.
1. No Matter how many times it asks you, never, never ever let your RCX drive. Trust us.
So that was the beginning after some good friends gave me this for Christmas. Then I went to the web site to register. I begain to get suspicious when the registration dialogue aske for “your parent’s email ID”. Then when I scrolled down the drop down box of year of birth and got to “decades” instead of years I really began to wonder if this was for me. I’ll try to keep a log of my experiences with it here on this page. Stay tuned.