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An AppleA  story in today’s WSJ suggested that Apple should kill off the Mac. Desktops and laptops are not the future, the author said. He further suggested that Apple should put all of its focus on whatever is coming next. I was intrigued that someone could be so far off in the weeds in his understanding of how people use Macs. Yes, Apple Watch, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV are contemporary and I am sure all of them have new generations under development. The missing point is content creation. It is true that you can write a book on an iPad or build a spreadsheet on an iPhone. You can create almost any kind of content on the mobile devices. However, if you create content for a living or you do a lot of content creation and content management, you really need a desktop or at least a laptop. You can use a stylus or voice recognition to improve mobile productivity, but they still don’t allow you to maximize your productivity. Most days my 27″ iMac has 15-20 apps running including Postbox for email, a browser, Word, Evernote, Quicken, Sonos, 1Password, SplashID, and other things. All the apps are visible and allow me to jump back and forth between them to copy and paste information. If I am scanning a number of documents, I use an Apple Script to automate naming and storing the resulting PDFs into Dropbox folders. There are many other scenarios in which I fully utilize the large screen, keyboard, and processing power of the iMac. Kill off the Mac? You have to be kidding. Read about how Apple products are being used in healthcare in Health Attitude.

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