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AirTrane at JFK

I had spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Agility First! conference at the Union League Club in New York. My flight back to Florida was not until 1 PM so I had plenty of time to get to JFK airport. I decided to conduct an experiment I have thought about for years: Going to JFK without any car transportation. People have said the AirTrain takes forever, but I was ready to find out for myself. I left the Club at 38 E. 37th St. at 10:00 AM and walked to Penn Station. I thought I would freeze to death but I got there at 10:20. I bought a Long Island Railroad ticket to Jamaica for $5. I arrived at 10:45, walked to the AirTrain concourse, bought a ticket for $6, and boarded the AirTrain. I arrived at the JetBlue Terminal 5 at 11:13. Total time 1 hr. and 13 minutes. Total cost $11. I checked uberestimate.com to compare. Total time 1 hr. and 23 minutes (we all know traffic can change that dramatically). Total cost $63-$82. It was a nice experience and I would do it again.