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WinterThere are snow flurries in the air and very cold conditions in New England. Hoping to get out for a motorcycle ride tomorrow though. As long as the roads are free of slippery materials, it is fun to ride in the winter. Meanwhile, the schedule for conferences of various kinds for the next 100 days is turning into a flurry also. Next week at the I/S Executive Roundtable Breakfast series hosted by Georgia State University in Atlanta, I expect to find a lively dialogue about the future of the Internet. The following week, back in Atlanta again, will be ATI 2004 conference which will focus on “trustworthy computing”. Unfortunately, I will not be able to stay for the Friday morning keynote by Robert Liscouski, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Infrastructure Protection because of a board meeting back in Connecticut.

On the prior day I hope to set the stage along with others on the big picture — how important it is to have a reliable computing and communications infrastructure. A key ingredient is the digital ID which I have written about in a recent series on Privacy And Trust. I may touch on this tomorrow morning during the interview with Sanjog Aul on the AVVAL Internet radio talk show. During the last week in January, Genesys Partners will be holding their annual dinner and then on the next day the SIAA Conference will take place. I look forward to participating on the “X-Factors” panel.
I always look forward to the Demo conference in February. It is one of my favorite conferences because it features a large number (75 or so) startup companies with very exciting new technologies. I will be moderating a panel about the future of blogging.